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Cradle Of Humanity (with Mulatu Astatke)

Release Date: June 7, 2016
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Cradle Of Humanity features Mulatu Astatke, the Father Of Ethiojazz, in collaboration with Australian musical collective Black Jesus Experience.
Cradle Of Humanity is the funkified product of seven years of performances together around the world, brought to fruition in studios in Melbourne, Australia; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Koln, Germany and London, UK.
A meditation on the origins of humanity, rhythm and culture, this album combines the mystic tonalities of Ethiopia’s ancient and unique scales with deep grooves and the freedom principle.
Cradle Of Humanity’s suite of songs includes re-interpretations of the Mulatu gems Sabye, Netsanet, and Yekatit, and the Ethio classic Wubit. The inspirations for Mulatu’s original works, love, freedom, revolution and culture, are recast and reinterpreted by Amharic songstress Enushu Taye, lyrical giant Liam ‘Mr Monk’ Monkhouse and genius stream of consciousness freestyler Tibor Bacskai, honed through mentorship and discussion with Mulatu while touring (Australia, Africa, UK, Europe, Oceania, including Glastonbury, Big Chill, WOMAD, Bushfire, United Nations etc….). The album’s new compositions, by one of Australia’s finest jazz composers Peter Harper muse upon the liberation of selflessness on Until, letting go on We Pray and socialist anthem It’s Time.
Cradle Of Humanity features Mulatu’s vibes playing at its most expansive, and his signature approach to African percussion. Australian music legend Bob Sedergreen adds his hard funking magic on keyboards, whipped by the driving horns of Peter Harper on sax and Ian Dixon on flugelhorn. All stirred into a grooving ‘wot’ by Matt Head on kit, Chris Frangou bass and Zac Lister guitar with Nui Moon and Malamine Sonko percussion and special guests toaster Jornick Joelick and masinko virtuoso Asrat.
Cradle Of Humanity is the joyous fruit of a seven year journey of love, joy and artistic dedication.