“Beautifully layered and organic, trippy and hypnotic. This is the good stuff, don’t waste a drop of it!
– Blues And Soul Magazine

“An irresistible collective effort. Volcanic.. fusillades of brass and percussion.. spiraling rhythms.. starkly hypnotic.“
– The Times, Clive Davis

“Black Jesus Experience is as unforgettable as its name…”
– Peter Burdon, Blaze

“They had the whole audience in the palm of their hands dancing along to their Ethiopian/Jazz influenced beats and melodies.”
– Clemmie, Pressure Cooker (WOMADelaide)

“Traditional Ethiopian song, jazz, funk and hip hop are transformed by Black Jesus Experience into a cascading collection of sights and sounds. The galvanising element of this nine-piece Australian ensemble is petite Ethiopian Enushu, who radiates warmth and sings songs of her homeland in a pure, sweet voice. BJX beat out rhythms that had the audience leaping to its feet. They sang and freestyled about Adelaide, slavery and the fact we’re all on earth under one sky.”
– Louise Nunn, The Advertiser

“Adelaide spirituality was awakened when Melbourne based, Ethiopian-inspired band Black Jesus Experience played the Festival Centre, much to the joy of everyone present. It was the band’s first return to our city since playing WOMADelaide in 2009, and their reception was very deserving! It didn’t take long for the masses to warm up the dance floor, and the sensational sounds of East Africa elated the hearts of all the eager punters. The Ethiopian influence oozed through the air, making it thick and sultry and inducing you to groove. “It was an amazing show and I can’t wait to see these guys again.”
– Rip It Up

“Ancient to modern sensibility. Rammed with more rhythm-stretching melody than its groove ought to have room for.”

– The Guardian, John Fordham

“An absorbing ride. Collectivity, groove and a powerful live show are prized and shine through; perfect for the festival season we are sadly missing.”

-The Observer, Neil Spencer

“Beautifully played, beautifully arranged and composed.”

-NPR, John Morrison

“Black Jesus Experience created a warm and potent ensemble sound blending Afro-Latin rhythms, improvised jazz solos and the exotic five tone scales that are integral to Ethiopian music. “The grooves were heady, the basslines thick and the horn voicings pungent, the overall effect of Sunday’s concert was a seductive invitation into a unique sound world.”
– Jessica Nicholas, The Age

“BJX gave a tremendous performance as part of this year’s City of London Festival. They are such an exciting collaboration and a unique exponent of Melbourne’s thriving music scene. Their combination of hip-hop vocals, Ethiopian song and Melbourne jazz enchanted the audience. We will have them back in Blighty anytime!”
– Ruth Oakley, City of London Festival

“Ethiopian flavoured music has certainly taken root Down Under. Black Jesus Experience,..(an) excellent Australian band exhibiting the influence, boasts unimpeachable bona fides, having forged an association with the founding father of so-called Ethiojazz, Mulatu Astatke. Not only that, but by adding other elements, primarily hip hop, the Melbourne collective has arguably established a vibrant new variation on the Ethiopian experience.”
– Tony Hillier, Rhythms Magazine (profile)

“Black Jesus Experience, a terrific horn-driven band fronted by a dynamic Ethiopian songstress.”
– Tony Hillier, Rhythms Magazine (Live Reviews)