Ethiobop is from the album Migration.

Filmed and Edited by Jeevi Ka and Flo at PanLoop Productions. Dancers: Sami Obamaa, Maki Makda Girmay, Enushu Taye, Kahan Harper, Amanda Leonardia, Bianca Gonos, Bboy Raven, Zarah Adams, Nui Napjune, Roman Albert. Special Thanks to Steven Kilili, Christelle Faucoulanche and Catherine Pwiti aka Killa Cat. Original artwork by Johnny Duel and photographs from The Horn African Restaurant in Melbourne.

2 thoughts on “Ethiobop

  1. Stumbled across To Know Without Knowing on Bandcamp about 5 months ago. Such a Great album! Hope to see you play sometime.

    1. Thanks Lawrie, glad you’re digging it. We’re working on our next album right now, sounding even better. If you’re in Melbourne we do a residency et The Horn in Johnston St Collingwood every Sunday (we used to say, ‘except when we’re on tour’, but now, ‘when we’re not locked down’ is more appropriate – come and say hi sometime.

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